Friday, 21 November 2014

The last day

I'm Albert again, and well, lets start to talk about this day:

Today we woke up at quarter of hour before to make the baggage.We didn't have to make the beds because today were leaving. We  had breakfast at nine o'clock, and then we brushed our teethes. At 10 o'clock, we made a questionary about to we felt during this trip. Now, we are working on the blog whith the information about the natural parks around Villardeciervos. In 20 minutes, we will go down and the teachers  will show us a video. Today we will have lunch earlier, at 13:30 because at quarter to three we will leave and go to Madrid airport. At ten o'clock in the evening, the plane will take off to Barcelona. Here, this trip, this experience, will be finished.

The send-off

Hello Jellow, I'm Albert, and this post, will be a little bit sad.
We woke up at the same time, at 8 o'clock, more or less the procediments were the same as the days before, we made our beds, we cleaned our teeth, and then we had breakfast. At ten o'clock we took the bus and we went to a house were the people who work there explained us some things about the natural park. An hour later, we started to walk across the forest, to go to the Sanabria lake and in a few minutes we arrived to a lake. The views were incredible, the combination of water, clouds and mountains, made a great view. At 3 o'clock we arrived a Pueblas de Sanabria, were we had lunch in a bar like Wednesday. At the afternoon, we went to a village, and we visited to visit a church. After that, we had free time and we are able to buy something at the shops. We came back to the inn, and after dinner, the sad time arrived. Firstly we started doing some presentations. Then, we made a small party, we staredt to sing and the teachers chosed which group is the best singer.Yes, that's funny, but then, to  relax  bit before going to sleep, we sat down in the sofas, and we started to say our opinion about this trip. All of our friends said that this was incredible and a lot of people started crying. It was very sad. Friday will be a strong day.


Hey! Mihai, Elena, Carla and Albert here!

To finish the blog, we would like to tell you our opinions about this trip:

Mihai: It was pretty "meh". At this moment all i want to do is go home and sleep non-stop.

Carla:  The food  was horrible, but in general i enjoyed this trip! :-)

Albert: I really enjoyed this trip, and i'm really sad we have to go home! I made a lot of friends here and i'm really sad that i have to say goodbye to them!

Elena: The people were  very friendly, and the routes were  pretty easy, apart from those days were it started to rain.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Duero day

Today is the third day of our experience in Villardeciervos. We took a bus at 10:15 and we set our way to a viwer near the Duero river.  The teacher told us information of some birds and plants. When we finished, we started walking on a route arround the mountain, it was raining so we couldn’t enjoy  the trip at it’s fullest. After 3Km of walking, we arrived to a village, where we had dinner in a bar, some sandwitches  and we bought some Coke. More or less, at 3:15, we took the bus to a town near Portugal. In the villlage, we just entered a pottery shop, where we saw how Mª Carmen made some utilities. Then we took the bus again and we returned to the inn. Now we are working and in few minutes, we will have the free time.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Second Carla's day

Hello guys! Carla speaking!

Today, we went to "La Peña del Castro", witch is's a mountain of Villedeciervos. Then, we played a game with clues and, at last, we made AloeVera (in my opinin, my Aloe was  prety suspicious) and now we're waiting to eat.

I think that it was a cool day, tomorrow we're going to travel all day, so we'll be very tired. The Badajoz guys were very friendly, a lot more than I expected. They're also very funny.

That's all for today. I'm sorry i don't know how to write proper english and that I'm not as awesome as Mihai!


Another day, another adventure!

Today was a very tiring day. They woke us up at 8 AM (by hitting the doors as hard as they can) and we had breakfast.
Then we  set on a trip around the mountain close to town. We passed a lof of cold so and when we arrived to the top of the mountain we were so tired we just wanted to sleep...
When we arrived they let us some free time, so we played some ping-pong with other students from Badajoz.
 Then, the teachers formed 8 teams and gave us a GPS, wich we used to look for different clues that were liyng around. We introduced the coordinates into the GPS and we went to the location, and there was a paper with a word and more coordinates.At the end we found David( an english person) who asked us tree questions:
Who invented the GPS?
What did people use before the GPS existed?
After that we went backto the center were we created Aloe Vera cream( wich we can take home!).
Then the teachers gave us our mobile phones, wich were not using because were stuck in a classroom doing this blog. PEACE!

Monday, 17 November 2014

First day, First experience

Hi! Like we promised, we're going to tell you what we have done so far.

Firstly, at 8AM we set on the road to Barcelona's airport.  After 2 hours we boarded  to Valladolid with a Ryanair plane.The flight took almost 2 whole hours(Pfff) . When we (finally ...) arrived at the airport we had  to wait for the luggage, which after that we had to take a bus to Villardeciervos. It took 2 whoooole hours to get to the town. We also stopped at a little village to eat, if that somehow interests you.. When we arrived at the building, we had a welcoming reunion and after that we had a tour around town We learned a lot of Villardeciervos story, like how a century ago it was  a lot harder to flirt with a girl.

    Ryanair, Boeing 737-800 in Valladolid airport.